Product Re-engineering
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As an enterprise product ages, it consumes more resources for its proper functioning: regular product maintenance and periodic upgrades. While both of these incur costs, rebuilding the product from scratch is even more expensive. The most effective solution is to re-engineer the product using a mainstream technology and/or migrate it to a scalable platform.

We at MindZen help companies achieve this through our proven re-engineering capability. Further, we have perfected, through years of experience, a cost-effective methodology to assess legacy systems in terms of investments, inspect the business logic and then excavate the framework for improvement. Our expertise encompasses critical areas of data migration, technology and/or platform migration through reverse and forward engineering.

Our Capabilities
  • Migration of existing system architecture to Microservices Architecture
  • Migration of legacy applications
  • Migration of web-based systems to cloud services such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) etc.
  • Data & Technology migration
  • Code re-altering and restructuring
  • Re-working of documentation
  • Language transformation
  • In-depth investigation of data schema
  • Creation of project charter and roadmap
  • System planning in terms of choice of architecture, communication protocols and other specifications, and prototyping
  • Project implementation in terms of specifications, creation, and testing
  • Documentation
  • Performance optimization and adjustment
  • The team at MindZen ensures good practices are followed right through the design, development, testing and deployment phases of the project, so that the client derives maximum benefit from the system from the moment it goes live.