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MindZen has professionals who are experts in building web-based applications with open source tools such as LAMP (an acronym for ‘Linux Apache MySQL PHP’), Drupal, Wordpress, AngularJS, and more. The tools not only offer great flexibility in software development but also, due to their open-source nature, provide a cost-effective way of building enterprise-wide applications and services.

For instance, LAMP-based applications can run on any operating systems, and are portable, thanks to the use of PHP as a scripting language. LAMP stacks can easily be updated to incorporate the latest features and bug-fixes, and save the system from getting obsolete.

AngularJS is a powerful tool built using JavaScript, to develop easy-to-use but dynamic web pages for applications, also called RICH Internet Applications.

Drupal allows organizations to rapidly develop-and-deploy core features. Its customizable framework allows developers and system engineers to incorporate business-friendly features and updates into the application, even after the system has gone live. And due to its extensive API library (with support for Facebook, Google Analytics, Twitter among others), developers and companies can create Drupal-based applications for web- and mobile- platforms.

Wordpress is another integrated platform to develop SEO-friendly web applications. In addition, it provides site developers the ability to import functionalities as plugins from its vast library of web-accessories.

Our Java team is headed by an architect with more than 26 years of experience in software design and development. Our expertise includes design, documentation, development, and implementation of web-based Java applications that can work with any kind of database such as RDBMS, NoSQL etc., to support business requirements. We have proven capability in the areas of Java OOPS, Generics, Collections, Threads, Exception Handling, CRON, Reflection, design pattern, Spring REST, Spring Boot, Spring Events, Spring WebSocket, Spring WS, Spring Batch, Spring AOP, Spring SPEL, Spring Security, Spring JMS, Spring JPA, Spring JDBC, Maven, Hibernate, Drools, Jenkins, AWS server.

In addition, we have an in-house testing team. The team performs unit, functional, control-level, integration and even load testing, of web applications, and provides a comprehensive actionable report for improvement. We offer security testing services, too.

We also have an in-house system-level interface in MZ Integrator, a middleware component that acts as the interface between the carriers and the customer-facing Insurance Portal. The Integrator is built with Service Oriented Architecture and can synchronize the information with the back-end system. This process can be scheduled according to business requirements, while further notifications, alerts, and renewals can be initiated from the MZapp system.