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MZapp Retail Insurance Framework has been built with the retail broker in mind. It has a framework that can be customized for lead capture, assisted sales, tracking and closure of leads for any retail sector. It also has a state of the art Integrator Module that can connect the platform to other stakeholders in the value chain. Check this out and discover it's amazing features.

MZapp Retail is a complete retail insurance management Framework. It consists of three main components -

  • The Portal or the frontend
  • MZ Integrator or the mid-layer
  • MZapp Broking Framework or the backend
  • Each of these play an important role in the data flow from the time a lead lands on the webpage to the time of sales closure and income booking.

    The Portal or the Frontend

    The portal consists of three parts - visual design including branding and color schemes, User Interface design ( UI ) and User Experience design ( UX ) and finally UI code that connects to the application server through the MZ Integrator. This part of the solution is usually custom developed with inputs from the client.

    MZ Integrator or the mid-layer

    The mid-layer is a component that acts as a ‘smart interface’ between the carriers, the payment gateway/collector and the customer-facing portal. MZ Integrator can smart-sync the state of the transaction, stakeholders and other relevant information with the backend System. This process is event driven and automatic and can be tweaked to suit business requirements, Further notifications, alerts, and renewals can be initiated from the business intelligence System at the backend. While MZ Integrator is best suited to work with MZapp Broking System. The System can be made to work with any other backend System.

    MZapp Broking Framework or the backend

    MZapp Insurance Broking Framework is a customizable web-based software designed specifically for brokers operating in Retail insurance sectors across the General and Life insurances.
    The MZapp broking System not only retains a broker’s existing process but also reflects the best practices of the market, thus helping insurance brokers reduce their total cost of managing the process.

    Mzapp Retail - Modules

    Use this module to create administrator as well as other user roles with privileges, assign and tweak configurations related to various business components such as premium, brokerage, service tax etc. In addition, the module provides the following functionality.

    Application settings
  • Create and manage role-based access controls for different types/groups of users
  • Create multi-level organizational structure to suit the hierarchical set-up of the company
  • Provide shared access capabilities between and among users/groups of users
  • Define a smooth exit process so that the portfolios of the exiting employees get reallocated to others
  • Set-up system and database backups
  • Insurance settings
  • Map details of insurance companies with appropriate products and other finer details
  • Preset insurance settings for the creation of insurance products, brokerages, tax structures etc.
  • Define and generate various kinds of health-checkup reports for the administrator
  • Some of the reports generated include user log reports, role-based privilege reports, active/inactive user reports and so on.
  • Customer Relationship Management

    Use this interface to achieve the following tasks.

  • Qualify prospects based on different parameters such as business size etc.
  • Monitor each transaction from the initial contact to the close of sale and beyond
  • Track the entire lifecycle of an insurance policy from inception to renewal and beyond
  • Handle insurance policies of multiple companies
  • Create and implement the eligibility checklist for policy creation
  • Manage important projects underwriting, including complex installment calculations
  • Remind the customers about policy renewals through Email/SMS
  • Generate Ready Reckoner views for sales renewals, expiries etc.
  • Provide timely advice to customers on corrective actions by generating Claims ratio for each portfolio
  • Generate performance reports for the purview of top management
  • Sample reports include sales report, pending proposals report, branch-wise reports and so on.
  • Finance

    This module includes Accounts Receivable, Ready Reckoner and Reconciliation views with extensive reporting capabilities. Accounts Receivable represents the brokerages that have not been collected from the insurance companies.

    Use this module to manage fund flows, track the outstanding receivables and for the following functions.

  • Reconcile brokerage amount and tax against each received cheque
  • Receive and process partial brokerage payments from insurance companies
  • Understand the accrued earnings through various Ready Reckoner views
  • Group receipts based on customer, date range etc. and generate reports
  • Some of the reports available include tax reports, regulator reports and so on.
  • Document Management System (DMS)

    Use this repository to create, upload, store and retrieve key business documents. In addition,

  • Manage a hierarchy of document structure based on the importance of documents
  • Create custom folders to segregate documents
  • Search & access documents easily through keywords
  • Reports

    Use the reporting wizard to filter, sort, group and summarize data based on different fields as well as generate graph(s) suitable for each business case. In addition,

  • Analyze critical business parameters through multi-modal reporting capability
  • Generate actionable summary reports
  • Export reports to standard documenting formats for easy viewing