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With the advent of public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services etc. the IT industry is witnessing a significant shift in the deployment of enterprise-wide applications. Not only are they being hosted as services in the cloud but also, and more importantly, as services in the public cloud space. And while is a cost-effective move, it exposes the systems to the vagaries of the public cloud space, which include but are not limited to the external load conditions, server set-ups, the total number of user who are active at any given moment and so on. It is essential for the company to understand this dynamics and the effect it can have on the performance of the cloud services at run-time. The only way to manage this is for the companies to have access to structured data so that they can make informed decisions crucial to businesses. This necessitates the use of log appropriation tools that are effective on public cloud platforms.

ELK Stack Solutions

ELK Stack is a combination of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana - the open-source tools from Elastic. ELK Stack is one of the most widely used log analytics tools in the IT cloud environment. The working of the ELK is pretty simple but very effective.

Logstash sifts through logs and parses raw data, which is then fed to Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch indexes and stores the information. Kibana, present on top of Elasticsearch, is a visualization layer that presents information in a format conducive to effective decision making.

MindZen’s Value Proposition in the ELK space

MindZen has proven capability in building ELK Stack based solutions for our clients, and in developing customizable ELK-centric applications based on different business needs. Our ELK service is aimed at IT sysadmin, development engineers, and other BI personnel to improve log auditing, troubleshoot system-level issues before they impact the business and extract insights for improving the overall user experience.

Other Data Visualization Services that MindZen offers

This module includes Accounts Receivable, Ready Reckoner and Reconciliation views with extensive reporting capabilities. Accounts Receivable represents the brokerages that have not been collected from the insurance companies.

The presentation of data is half the data in itself. We at MindZen, firmly believe in this. Through our experience, we have realized the strategic importance that data representation and reporting bring to a BI system. That is why we have developed expertise in building custom visualization of data and reports at the front-end of web-based applications through tools such as D3.js, Jasper Reporting etc